Friday, April 28, 2006

Chat day!

Today--this evening, anyway--Cobblestone Press is having a meet the publishers, hear about submissions, etc, sort of chat. If you're interested in publishing with the company (and you should be because it's a fantastic company!) then stop by and talk with us tonight. It's from 7-9pm Central. I'll be there. Come on in!

I wrote about 2200 words yesterday. That means that I more or less melted my brain, but it felt good. I need to kickstart myself today, but it's still relatively early, so I'm not stressed too much yet.

I'll have my Bites written for Freya's Bower finished soon, and ready for editing, and then it's on to other projects. I've got them lined up and I'm itching to get to them. It feels good to be busy, and my brain hasn't let me down. As long as I continue this way, I'll be happy, I think.

Otherwise, it's Friday. The rain has stopped. And I'm in a cheerful mood. I like these kinds of days.


Faith said...

We have an author chat where we communicate with our writers and readers on a regular basis. It's fun and a cool way to kick back and relax when I need a break from editing.

I think e-publishers have better success when they maintain a close relationship with their authors. The fact that CP is doing this chat is great.

Shelli Stevens said...

Hey Sara! I missed you online tonight! Hope you were doing something fun. Hee hee.