Wednesday, April 12, 2006

One Hit Wonder

There are lots and lots of bands out there that are one-hit wonders. Songs earn great popularity and then, for some reason, the band never produces anything noteworthy (ha, mind the pun) again. It's disappointing and sometimes saddening, but they get their fifteen minutes of fame, at least.

Translating that to writing, people talk about how important it is to have something new to offer. To keep your name in people's minds with new quality releases. And yet there are authors, I'm sure, who write one fantastic book and never hit that high again.

As I look at my mounting list of things to write, polish and turn in, I begin to wonder where the line between not enough material and too much is. I will, perhaps, one day relate my greatest faux pas yet. It has to do with submitting too much too soon.

But what I'm curious about is, where's the line? Do you haunt the websites or mailing lists of authors who write one fantastic book, hoping for another? How long do you stay if it doesn't come? Are there authors who have so many books coming out one after another that you get overwhelmed and turned off of following their careers?


Loribelle Hunt said...

Margaret Mitchell and Harper Lee come to mind lol. I'm sure there's an in between but I don't know what it is yet. I'm basically sitting on two manuscripts right now. They both need to be edited. One is the second in my series and going to CP. I'm conflicted with the other one lol.

For authors I read, I'm generally a more the better kind of reader lol. I haven't had time to really read for awhile tho. :(

Lia said...

In most cases, I always want more from my favorite authors. I may start to wonder if there's something coming out every month. Even then, though, it would take a while for me to give it much thought.

I know just what Loribelle means about not having time to read.

Chrysoula said...

Are there authors who have so many books coming out one after another that you get overwhelmed and turned off of following their careers?


For the record, my favorite author produces three books a year.

Sara Dennis said...

Well. Votes for continuing to produce good stuff, then. :)

I hear you both, Lori and Lia, about not having the time to read. I think it's Stephen King that I've seen quoted saying that if you don't have time to read, you don't have time to write. I sort of agree with that theory, but man, it's hard to sit down and do nothing but turn pages sometimes.

Soula, that's good to know! Three books a year would be great.

Loribelle Hunt said...

You know I used to think ppl who said they didn't have time to read, were full of it, ya know? But that was before I really got serious about the writing. Now between writing, editing, promo stuff, kids, a house, and a husband when I do have time I'm just not that interested. I read for reviews, but lately seems like that's about it. And mostly what I am reading is ebooks. They're usually shorter. :P