Thursday, April 06, 2006

Newsletter group!

Hear ye, hear ye!

Loribelle Hunt, Shelli Stevens, Vivienne King, Lyric James and I are doing a group newsletter. Want to get news about our new releases, get a peek at our reviews, see our covers and get in on our contests? Want to have all that information in one easy-to-digest format? Sign up today! Now and then we might even write something entertaining, or instructional, or both.

Seven authors. One newsletter.

Subscribe to Love, Lust, and Other Oddities.

In other news, it's sunny here today, though the forecast calls for, you guessed it, more rain tomorrow. Of course tomorrow's when the electricians are supposed to come. It figures. I'll keep my fingers crossed anyway. Maybe my toes. Crossed fingers interfere with typing.


Loribelle Hunt said...

Lol, I'm stealing your blurb there Sara! Look for it on the groups page. ;)

Sara Dennis said...

Nooo problem. :)