Saturday, May 26, 2007


This marks the second weekend that I have gone out to play with Dia, been fine all through the ride, and then suddenly had a blood sugar incident, where the world starts to white out and I nearly faint. I think I have figured out what brings this on, but dang if it isn't frustrating as heck. Not to mention embarrassing, as I look like a wuss in front of the trainer.


Right. On to the things that really count: I have finished assignment #2 for Fox. Next season promises to be a big supernatural (as opposed to Supernatural, though hooray for season 3) season for all the networks. I am hopeful that Fox will like something they see in what I've done and we'll move on to assignment #3. Keep your fingers crossed.

I also have a new release coming on June 1st, to celebrate Cobblestone Press's One Year Anniversary.

The book is called Finding Home and it's part of the In the Runes series.

Nora Whiteside has a restless soul. Despite the job, the comfortable apartment, and weekly Girls Night Out, no place she's been has felt like home.

So when she gets a battered letter from a man claiming to be the father she thought was dead, she's curious. Intrigued. She packs up her cat and heads to Wyoming, to the house on reservation land he claims she's inheriting.

And meets Tucker Greene, the son her father never had. Will they be rivals for his affection or can they learn to work together? Can people from two different worlds find middle ground?

Monday, May 21, 2007


I finished yet another book today.

Writing one.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am. Or how thrilled I am. Or how much I never want to look at that book again. *laughs*

Of course I have to, that's the way these things work, but the most important part here is: I AM FINISHED!

I think I need a drink.

The Engineer and I have been having fantastic conversations lately. Normally, we're pretty goofy and don't get into deep philosophical debates. This is largely because we were raised in entirely different fashion and so, in the past, we've butted heads quite a bit. His classic saying is 'your logic isn't', for example. :)

But he's an Aquarius and I'm a Pisces and we're pretty classic examples of both. We're destined to clash.

And yet, over the years, we've reached a middle of the road. We may not still be doing hearts and flowers and holding hands all the time, but if someone were to ask me about a HEA, I'd have to say, I think I've got one.

Which gives me hope for all those times when my hero and heroine are telling me how much they hate each other and could never possibly fall in love. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Pony pictures!

I took a ton of pictures a couple of weeks ago. Many of them probably wouldn't make anyone but us happy, but, here are a couple. :)

Dia's the horse, of course. ;) The blonde woman is Julie, her trainer.


Since people have asked... ;)

The main, number one decision is that I need an agent. I don't believe that I've burned any publisher bridges doing it on my own, but I do know that I'm tired of doing it on my own. I've been at this since 1999 and while that's not forever, it feels like it sometimes. So if there are any agents cruising by...

And I reached a decision about a submission of my alter-ego's that I've been sitting on for, well. Months. Trying to get my head straightened out. I think I've got it straight now. Yes, that's still cryptic, but that's what I've got. :)

There are Dia pictures, as Catie asked. There are a ton of Dia pictures. I just need to get the camera and post them up. I will endeavor to do so later today.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Good morning! Good Monday.

I actually wrote over the weekend, and got past at least a part of what was holding me back. I have felt pretty much 'meh' about writing anything for the last month or so. Usually that means I've done something wrong, which I had, a bit. But it also meant that I had to do some re-evaluating of where I wanted to go with my career. Evaluating accomplished, at least somewhat, I removed the plug and wrote.

Phew. I was beginning to think I'd lost it entirely.

The weekend was very relaxed and lovely. We were out with Dia again, and did some very impressive riding. The baby is gorgeous and everyone comments on it. It's great for stroking Ye Olde Ego, considering that the suggestion was once made that she'd grey out and be a pretty unexciting horse. Not so! She is golden and beautiful and a giant bundle of love and eagerness.

I have no news to report, except that I am alive, the weather is pleasant and I really need to clean my house.

Here's hoping that everyone else's weekend was good too.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hi hi.

Just a note to say:

The insane people who started NaNoWriMo are doing the same sort of thing for play/screenwriters in June.

It's called ScriptFrenzy. You can find it here.

I should probably participate. I am deep in contemplation.

Happy Mother's Day weekend. :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Did it again.

Skipped another week, but at least it's not two.

I'm still surfacing. I despise feeling overwhelmed and like I'm drowning, even when I do it to myself. Getting better, little by little. Someone pass the squeegee, would you?

I'm also sort of flailing on the Fox project. I'm reworking it a little, which is fine and dandy. And watching Fox shows drop off like flies. I actually *liked* Drive, and it was canceled after two episodes. So am I writing the right sort of thing for this network? (No, my show is nothing like Drive, but still, if that sort of thing appeals to me, you can understand why I worry, right?)

I will get it done. I'll turn it in and it'll be fab, but it's still nervous making.