Monday, May 21, 2007


I finished yet another book today.

Writing one.

I cannot tell you how relieved I am. Or how thrilled I am. Or how much I never want to look at that book again. *laughs*

Of course I have to, that's the way these things work, but the most important part here is: I AM FINISHED!

I think I need a drink.

The Engineer and I have been having fantastic conversations lately. Normally, we're pretty goofy and don't get into deep philosophical debates. This is largely because we were raised in entirely different fashion and so, in the past, we've butted heads quite a bit. His classic saying is 'your logic isn't', for example. :)

But he's an Aquarius and I'm a Pisces and we're pretty classic examples of both. We're destined to clash.

And yet, over the years, we've reached a middle of the road. We may not still be doing hearts and flowers and holding hands all the time, but if someone were to ask me about a HEA, I'd have to say, I think I've got one.

Which gives me hope for all those times when my hero and heroine are telling me how much they hate each other and could never possibly fall in love. :)


Ann(ie) said...

Congrats, Sara.

Tessa Dare said...

Yay, Sara! I'm so amazed and envious of your productivity! What book is this?

Sara Lindsey said...

Congrats! Finishing a book is the best feeling in the entire world!

Ericka Scott said...

Congrats! It is such a good feeling to write THE END!

India Carolina said...

Yay, Sara! Congratulations. And good luck on the agent quest.

Chris said...

:: snoopy dancing ::