Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Since people have asked... ;)

The main, number one decision is that I need an agent. I don't believe that I've burned any publisher bridges doing it on my own, but I do know that I'm tired of doing it on my own. I've been at this since 1999 and while that's not forever, it feels like it sometimes. So if there are any agents cruising by...

And I reached a decision about a submission of my alter-ego's that I've been sitting on for, well. Months. Trying to get my head straightened out. I think I've got it straight now. Yes, that's still cryptic, but that's what I've got. :)

There are Dia pictures, as Catie asked. There are a ton of Dia pictures. I just need to get the camera and post them up. I will endeavor to do so later today.


Ann(ie) said...

Seriously, start querying. You need an agent to get anywhere. You'll be so happy when you sign with the right person.

Tessa Dare said...

You should have your pick of agents, with your great track record and pubbed author status and prolific nature. And of course, your amazing talent! Any agent would be lucky to get you. Good luck querying!

Sara Dennis said...

Unfortunately, I have done the query cycle before, and not been snatched up.

This time, this project. It's always got to be this time, this project, right?

I've been encouraged by previous rounds. One of these days, it'll be the one. :)

Thanks guys. :)

Ann(ie) said...

It's totally the project. When you've written a book that is "it", you'll get snapped up.