Tuesday, April 04, 2006

It never rains but it pours ...

And it's been raining a lot. No, really. We're having the rainiest spring ever in Northern California. The rain should be *gone* by now, and yet the forecast is for rain at least through the end of the week.

Which is bad because we recently had an issue with our stove at Chez Dennis. As in it stopped working. It was ancient and we bought a new one to replace it. Instant fix, right? Wrong. Turns out that the new stove doesn't work either. Further investigation reveals that our outlet is dead. Even *further* investigation reveals that we need to have our breaker box replaced in The Worst Way.

At least the taxes were already turned in. Ouch.

I'm still taking on again off again college classes to get my Sign Language interpreting degree, so I had a paper to write today. Not the fun sort of writing. I much prefer fiction and romance to cold, hard, boring facts. But, we do what we must. I did, however, send off a tiny short story submission this morning as well, so we'll see how it goes.

And now it's back to wrestling with my bad guy. I will make him do what I want. I will. It's become my new mantra.

I submit for you a taste of what I decided on for promotion, by the way. Sable (who is incredibly talented, I can't say that enough) sent out business card designs to the Cobblestone Press authors yesterday. I had just completed doing my own, but I love what I was given. Thank you, Sable!

The one I turned in for printing however, was this one:

I'll have magnets! I'll have cards! If you want one, raise your hand and I will gladly send you one.

That's all for me today. Back to editing.


Loribelle Hunt said...

Great card, Sara! I love what Sable did for me too, but I can't order for awhile. We'll all have to exchange when we get them lol!

Shelli Stevens said...

Ooo that's a fabulous card, Sara! Congrats. I wish I'd put my blurb on the back, sigh, but my mind wasn't on that track! Lol.