Monday, April 17, 2006


Happy day-after-Easter to everyone! I hope yours was satisfyingly chocolate filled and comfortable. There was none in our house, but that's because DH is on a new health-kick (that I should really join him on). But it was a nice long weekend and I got some writing done.

Which is important because of deadlines. Deadlines which mean I cannot just decide I don't feel like writing anymore. That's so helpful for me, particularly since I'm picking myself back up.

So! More projects in the work, both fiction and non. I am hoping to get my business cards today so I can start spreading the word! And, maybe most importantly around here, get reminders out to my chapter mates. I'm still working on a contest that will build up to release day, and thinking about possibly doing some promotional mini-discs. We discussed these over the weekend, and my mind's been whirring since.

It's all still in the works, but time is running out! I'm excited. I'm nervous. I'm hoping for the best.

And debating whether putting project status bars on the side of the blog here is a good or bad idea. Hmmm.


Lia said...

Regarding the project status bars . . .

I have them on my blog now and find them personally motivating. I am thinking about moving them to my private family blog.

I figure that would also be motivating without the worry that an editor is going to stop by and see that the work I'm pitching isn't finished, or fill-in-the-blank-with-another-potentially-problematic-scenario.

Or maybe I'll keep my main e-book WIP up, since those are only submitted once completely finished.

Oy. Hopefully we'll both figure out the best approach.

Shelli Stevens said...

Did you get your business cards?! I hope so. Yeah, I put my WIP on the sidebar, just cause it's so much fun to do so, lol!

Sara Dennis said...

Nooo, Shelli. They didn't come today. I'm so disappointed. Hopefully tomorrow.