Tuesday, April 25, 2006


There's lots of talk around about getting in the zone. Time of day, type of music, whatever it takes to get you started and ready to write. I didn't think I had any sort of ritual.

Ha! I was wrong.

I must have a scented wax tart in my burner beside me. I rotate through companies and aromas, as I've got a pretty good collection, but it must be on.

I also collect perfume samples from a few companies. I must have at least one on. I tend to have two or three throughout the day, as they wear off.

Preferably, at least at the start of my writing day, I need quiet. This is easy for me because The Engineer works out of the house. On the weekends, it just means I need to get up before him. Also easy. :)

Once I have all of that, I'm ready to go. I push for 1K words a day, at least. Yes, I used to do 3K. I'm working up to that again. Anything over 1K is gravy. And I do occasionally give myself days off.

So, there you have it. I do have habits and rituals and it took this long to figure them out. So, share yours. Don't make me feel like the only weirdo out here.


Lia said...

I love candles too, although I usually forget to light one. I need to get in the habit of using them, because I have a ton.

As for my rituals, I come home from work, turn on the computer, and start writing. I aim for 1,000 words a day, although I usually take one day off. (I haven't done so in a while, but I will tomorrow. I'm having a movie night with my sister.)

I can't have music playing while I write--I find it too distracting. On occasion, I turn the TV on but have it muted. It gives me the illusion of watching it. :)

Another ritual I have relates to sending stuff out. When I put myself in the position of possible rejection, I pick out a "consolation prize," something that I wouldn't normally buy for myself.

Rejection is never easy, but I've found I like having something I can console myself with. I only buy the item if I'm rejected. Acceptance is its own prize. :)

Sara Dennis said...

Ooh, that's a good idea, Lia. The consolation prize. I usually only reward myself for good things. Like, when I wrote 10 pages in a day after a long dry spell, I took myself out to a movie.

Dayna_Hart said...

Hi Sara, I thought rather than hijacking Loribelle's blog, I'd leave you a note here.

Thank you!

My CP is trying so hard to help me with my self confidence. I love her for it, but sometimes...it's just nice to know there's someone else with the same issue! So thanks.

Of course, now I'm going to be checking in with you to see if you're conquering the demon any better than I am :)

Sara Dennis said...

Hee. It's a deal, Dayna! We'll cheer each other on.

Dayna_Hart said...

As for ritual...does lots of procrastinating count? I read email, cruise RD, check another email account...

I like my desktop to be clean. I hate when it's messy, and find it really hard to work when it's got junk piled all over it.