Monday, May 01, 2006

Tra-la! It's May! The lusty month of may!

That lovely month when everyone goes blissfully as-er. Hi there. Musical interlude, apologies.

It's May. Time is flying by, the year is passing and we're one step closer to the release of my first published novel from Cobblestone Press! I'm excited! There'll be a contest starting on my website tomorrow so tune in for your chance to win a free download of the book and possibly something more!

I've been writing like mad to meet my deadline for Freya's Bower and finished today. I'll be cleaning that up and sending it on to my editor. Then I'll chew through a few fingernails waiting for the edits and the hope that they're not terrible. It's been a challenge trying to write romances based on the prompt I was given for my Bites. Bites are a pair of stories centered around a shared them or character or the like. It's harder than it sounds to make it work, but I think I came up with a couple good ideas. Cross your fingers for me.

Now, time to relax my brain and recharge for the next project.

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