Monday, May 22, 2006

New format! (Monday Motivation)

So, since I said I was going to change up the format of the blog a bit, why not kick it off with my new Monday feature: Monday Motivation!

On Mondays, for as long as I can find decent pictures, I will post a random image. Why? There's a game I used to play with some fellow writers. Someone would find an evocative image and share it with the group. We'd then all write for three minutes, using it as inspiration. You'd be surprised how quickly you can turn out a good story in three minutes, really.

For purposes of the blog I'm going to shorten it a bit. Here's how my version of the game works.

1. I post a picture.
2. When you see the picture, open up Notepad or Word or grab a piece of paper and write, for one minute. Just one minute! Set a timer. :)
3. If you'd like to share what you wrote, post a comment! I'll share what I write each time.

It's that simple. Sound like fun?

Here we go!

Sara's snippet:

"There are angels in my family," she said, "though you'd never know it to look at me. Plain Jane, mousy hair and big blue eyes. Just your average girl keeping secrets and wondering where she's going in the world. No reason to look again. No reason to think twice." She scratched her nose. "Until something happens and you don't have a choice. Until things go sideways and the world is on its ear, and suddenly your shoulders hurt from holding everything in. Holding them in. Then you can't help but notice. Then everyone wants to be your friend."

She shrugged. "I don't need friends so much. I just want to help."

A single feather fell from her wing and drifted to the ground.

So what'd you write? :)


Maura said...

I guess I'll play..

She wrapped her arms closely about herself, suddenly feeling the cold of the night despite the approaching dawn. She looked down to discover she was naked. But surely this had to be just another part of her dream. The dream she'd begun to experience every night.

Despite the strangeness of the sensations, she relished the freedom she experienced. Her vision altered and suddenly she felt as if she could soar on her silent wings, free to escape the bounds of her human life. Her speech became the melodic "who who" of the great owls she loved.

It was only a dream, a fanciful way for her mind to escape her troubles. But why was she standing naked in the woods watching the sky lighten with the rising dawn? She'd never sleepwalked before.

Suddenly she saw a white feather slowly drift to the ground in front of her. An owl's feather.

Sara Dennis said...

Wow, Maura, that's awesome. I love the way you tied the owl back into the story.

Thanks for playing!

Dayna_Hart said...

those are both beautiful! I didn't play this time, but I'll check in next monday for sure!

Shelli Stevens said...

Oh those are both fabulous. What a fun game! i'm too tired to write right now, but if i wasn't i'd totally play. But i had to comment and say how cool.