Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day Writing.

Lest you think it's already forgotten!

Here's the pic:

And my snippet:


"It's not exactly what I wanted," she said, tilting her head to consider the mouse. It was really very graceful, the way the tail curved up the mouse's back. She considered picking it up by it's 'handle', just for a moment. Just to feel its weight. But it wasn't quite right.

"I tried for a dog, but I kept messing it up. It didn't look like Trixie. Besides, an ice sculpture isn't going to last. It's not going to work as a memorial. Especially not in this heat."

"But a mouse?"

"It's cute!"

"Trixie was a Great Dane, Nelson."

"... it's cute?"

"How am I supposed to explain the cheese?"

Your turn!

Happy Memorial Day. Here's hoping you've had time to spend with friends and family today.


Maura said...

Finally got a chance to do this....

She saw the gates to the garden ahead of her and wrapped her coat more tightly to ward off the winter's cold. The gate creaked and fought her attempts to open itu until she gave one last strong shove and stumbled through, into a world she'd never seen before.

The high hedges hid a world of magic. She stared in wonder at the sculptures that filled the private garden. Animals and fish, large plants and even people. All made of ice as clear and transparent as glass.

Why were these hidden away in an unused garden? Surely no one had been here in ages - the gate was nearly rusted shut. Is this where her mysterious host disappeared to for days on end?

snowflake said...

I'm enjoying reading all these. I'm impressed, I don't think I can come up with anything this good in such a short time.