Saturday, May 06, 2006

Life goes on.

Still working, still writing. I'm turning out pages for a new project. It was slow to get started, but I think it'll pick up speed now.

I have a request for another fantasy ms. so when I get a chance to edit and clean that one up, it'll be out the door.

And then I dreamt up the idea for a whole new book. If ideas made money, I'd be filthy rich, I told you. But there's another answer to the 'where do you get your ideas' question. Dreams!

I have yet to get any reviews before release, which is a bit disappointing, but I'm sure they'll come. Maybe after the Grant Opening. Yes, I'm a writer. Having other people read my work terrifies and thrills me at the same time. Do I want people to hate the book? No, of course not. Do I want them to read it? Absolutely! Sometimes, I guess there's no separating the two.

We'll have to see.


Shelli Stevens said...

Yay, Sara! Congrats on another request! You rock. You're excerpt rocked, so I'm sure te review will too!! Awesome about your dream for a new premise!!!

Loribelle Hunt said...

Congrats on the request, Sara! I'm sure you'll be getting reviews soon too. ;)