Thursday, May 11, 2006


As confessed earlier, I've developed a sort of routine for myself when it comes to the writing environment I need. This means that when The Engineer is home, like today, I don't get peace and quiet.

Don't get me wrong, I love the man. I let him stay in bed when he's snoring. That should be proof enough. But he does not understand the concept of quiet. He plays video games or music or watches movies on his computer. Which is in the same room as me. He doesn't like it when I go hide to write for hours on end. So, I write mostly during the day when he's at work, or in those hours when I can tune his noise out.

I can't ask him to be quiet. It's not fair to him.

But occasionally, it drives me mad.

Tonight, we're going to a Jesse Cook concert. It's one of the rare times we're actually going out to do something together, so it makes me happy. But meeting my writing quota? Not so much, today. Or tomorrow, for that matter, as he's off work again.

Maybe he'll sleep in.

A girl can dream. ;)

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Mia Romano said...

Dreaming with you. I can relate!