Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Cheered up!

Yesterday, upon logging on to chat, Shelli and Lori told me to go take a look at Jen's blog. (Linked out, yet?)

Surprise surprise, Jen was mentioning me on her blog. She's read my book for review and apparently liked it a lot and I am not ashamed to admit, I teared up. As we joked, she likes me! She really likes me. Ah, validation, it's a good thing.

Summer is on its way, school ends (for me) tonight save final exams, and that means I can kick back and relax. Right? Wrong!

The Engineer has a whole series of little home improvements he wants to do, which pretty much rely on me as he's out of the house working most days. And there's writing to be done, as I can't let myself slack off just because I'm technically on vacation.

But I *am* liking the pretty weather days we've been having. If the temperature would stay where it's been for the last few (mid 80s), I would not complain.

All right. I finished a three-page project for my next local RWA chapter meeting. That means it's back to working on the projects on my schedule board. No rest for the wicked!


Silma said...

Yayy on getting such great reviews! *g*

Shelli Stevens said...

Man how do you do it, Sara? A hubby, school, local chapter, writing? It's intense. You rock!