Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Procrastination is the name of the game.

I should have been writing today. What did I do instead? I updated my website. Nothing major, just a little bit of a face lift since the clutter was beginning to drive me nuts. And it's easier to clean up web clutter than it is to clean my house. Ahem.

I need to make a few more changes but then I think I'll let it sit for a while. Maybe. If I can stand it.

This is the peril of knowing how to write HTML. One of the perils. You can't leave well enough alone. (The other is that you're too impatient to let anyone else do it for you.)

I'll write now. Probably. Unless that other website starts calling my name...


Tempest Knight said...

Maybe I should be doing that - updating my website. I've got a few new things to add. However, I've been contemplating a face-lift for it, but I can't visualize well what I want. *sighs*

You do your own HTML code? I used to that. Got lazy now and use FrontPage. Hate it but it's quick. *lol*

Sara Dennis said...

Augh, Front Page. Cannot staaand Front Page. :)

Yeah, I do all my coding by hand. I learned how to do it in a text editor on a unix box. I've "graduated" to Notepad. That's progress for a dino like me. :)