Wednesday, July 05, 2006

It's Wednesday?

Does it feel like Monday to anyone else? I keep getting confused.

But it's my day over at Love, Lust and Other Oddities, so it *must* be Wednesday. I'm over there talking about favorite locations to write about. Feel free to swing by and chime in.

The Engineer is back at work today, but he showed me this link: See if you can identify the stories based on the pictures. No fair cheating if you read Cyrillic!

In other news, I got an ergonomic keyboard. I went through the onset of carpal tunnel in college and so I try to be careful with my wrists. Also, my old keyboard was *shot*. I tell you, I'm hard on them, I guess. I actually wore a hole in my e key. And the letters were wearing off, other keys were pitted and grooved. Weird.

I don't touch type. Rather, I don't touch type correctly, with home row and such. I taught myself how to type, so I have my own system, but I'm pretty fast and unconcerned about it. It does, however, lead to interesting stretches when your keyboard is split down the middle and you can't really cross over where you shouldn't. It's good for me. I think. It's amusing, at least.


Anonymous said...

Totally, totally, Monday. Sigh...

-- Robert, ex-Evan

Loribelle Hunt said...

*sigh* It's Thursday and it feels like Monday to me lol. That could be because I'm trying to figure out this stupid wordpress. Hey, go check out the webpage. ;)

Sara Dennis said...

Oh very cool, Lori. *dances*