Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Not melted yet!

I have not melted yet, though man, the weather's making serious attempts. Okay, so we had a "significant cool-down" yesterday. It only hit 104. Today, it's supposed to be 106. 112 by Friday. I may be living in a bucket but I'll try to solidify enough to type.

My system of project rotation has to go by the wayside, until I finish this book for Cobblestone's Octoberfest. My book--which I'm calling Stacking the Deck, by the way--is the third in a miniseries the other two Musketeers and I are doing, so I can't let them down. Must. Write. Faster.

As another side note, did you know we've decided which Musketeers we are? Loribelle is Athos, because she writes dark, brooding stories. I'm Aramis, because I'm a gigantic, romantic sap. And Shelli is Porthos, because she's the crack-up of the group. We may be auditioning a d'Artagnan. Keep your eyes peeled.

In more news! I got a request from a publisher I've been waiting to hear from. I squealed at The Engineer who rolled his eyes and was happy for me in his own quiet, long-suffering way. So think good thoughts as I attempt to give it a final pass (while finishing the Octoberfest book! Really!)

Who needs sleep?


Amanda Brice said...

Funny stuff...have you found your D'Artagnan yet?

Congrats on all the good news!

Shelli Stevens said...

Finish the book!!! LOL. I haven't seen the muskateers movie or read the book. So I'm trusting that you'll make me the freaking amazing one. :)

Who requested!!?? You'd better share girly!

M.E Ellis said...

I'm feeling sorry for you with the weather!


M.E Ellis said...

How did I miss that good news yesterday? Well done you on the publisher!


Loribelle Hunt said...

Oh, I love the title. :) Good luck with the request!