Monday, July 03, 2006

It's Monday! It's also July. How does that happen? Time just moves faster and faster, I swear.

Still working away. I've been doing some webdesign work for myself and other people, so that takes my attention away from the blogging business, but I also just haven't been good about it. I know I keep saying that, and that I'll fix it, but really, I'm going to do it this time.

It's like a diet or exercise plan. Eventually it sticks, right?

My fellow Musketeers made the Best Sellers list over at Cobblestone Press, so three cheers for them! I console myself on not being there because I'm selling a) a full-length ebook that's b) a straight contemporary and c) a "standard" romance. There's no explicit sex on those pages. In the current ebook market, that makes me a hard sell, and you know, for all of those marks against me, I'm not doing badly. Onward and upward, as the saying goes.

Now for the fun part:


Thomas stared at the array of glowing things before him. They didn't bubble, fizz, hiss or pop. They glowed. They glowed brightly enough to illuminate the basement and shine in Naomi's eyes, but they didn't smoke and they certainly didn't look like the answer to the question of whether she was a real witch or not. Dare or not, he wasn't putting any of that in his mouth.


Your turn!

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Shelli Stevens said...

Hey Sara! You're doing great with sales, too. Those longer book are harder to sell!

My turn? Hmm...

Colors, so many colors. Pretty colors. Mmm. Makes me want some M&M's. And pizza. Maybe some Doritos too. Can someone hand me another beer and turn up the Pink Floyd?