Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Motivation

I am seriously, seriously ready for the heatwave to end. It's sucking every ounce of creativity out of my head. I would rather read someone else's words than write my own. Pity that it doesn't work that way, huh?

But it's Monday, start of a new week and hopefully things will be somewhat cooler. Okay, they're not yet as it's 102 at 11am, but there's always wishful thinking.

I know I've seen this addressed on other blogs, but I'm going to bring it up too. Why is it that, when you *must* work on one project, your brain insists on coming up with a dozen others that would be better/more entertaining/more fun? What sadistic little splinter of our minds does that to us writers?

Why does "us writers" look wrong?

On to the interesting part!

I remembered days like the one displayed on the screen, as a child. Days when the heat shimmered up off the Serenghetti like waves of water passing over my eyes. When the sun was a necessary part of life and we played beneath it, taking for granted that it would always be there. Before the days of the bunkers and cold meat in tins.


Your turn!


Karen Erickson said...

It is so freaking hot here I can barely walk outside to water the plants or let a cat in. It's that bad.

Why does that happen to "us writers?" LOL My problem, though, is that I should be working on something and I have no desire to work on ANYTHING! I'm wordless.

Ann Cory said...

It's hot here too...and my only saving grace are fans and the AC unit...which unfortunately is noisy.

The muse is all over the place today and I'm annoyed with her, lol

Shelli Stevens said...

You guys must by dying down there! It's hot here too. I wish I had AC.
I'm too hot and excited to be creative. Sorry. But I wanted to say goodbye... in case my plane crashes!

Lyric said...

I'm hoping for Terrific Tuesday, because I was a totally slacker on Monday. Maybe since most of our friends are heading to Atlanta, we'll be motivated to get some work done.

M.E Ellis said...

Oh I'm the same. If I'm meant to be doing, my mind says no!

Tis a bugger!

Pretend you don't care. Muse will creep back then!