Friday, July 07, 2006

Finally Friday!

Ha! Now it's Friday, and I can stop feeling like the week is all out of whack.

I attribute the fact that this entry is late and very likely full of not much at all to the fact that I was up too early this morning. I've entered this phase of my life where, no matter what time I go to sleep, I wake up at 7:30. Go to bed at 10pm? Up at 7:30. Go to bed at 3am? Up at 7:30. It's great on the 10pm nights. Not so much on the 3am mornings.

And then sometimes, like today, I get up even earlier for some reason I have yet to figure out. It leaves my head very empty though. I think this is why I've been having a devil of a time doing my writing quota lately. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm doing it. But it's a bit like pulling teeth. This too shall pass.

I finished an "old" category novel today. It was Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid by Raeanne Thayne. It's the last of a miniseries she wrote for Silhouette Intimate Moments back in 2002. (It's #1144 if anyone's looking.) I really enjoyed Matt and Jesse's books so figured I'd like this one too. Cassidy's the little sister of those two heroes. It's a long-lost love/reunion story with a suspense twist, and while I usually like those, this one just didn't work as well for me as I might have liked. I liked Zach, the hero, a lot, but Cassidy wasn't my kind of heroine and the suspense factor wasn't all that suspenseful to me, meaning I had it figured out about halfway through.

That said! Ms. Thayne's a great writer, and one book that didn't sparkle for me will not keep me from turning my nose up at anything else she might have written.

So what're y'all reading out there?


M.E Ellis said...

I'm reading 'The Lincoln Lawyer' by Michael Connelly.


Lyric said...

Right now I'm reading Loving Lola by Lena Matthews.

Amanda Brice said...

I just finished reading Kitty McKenzie by Anne Whitlock and am about to begin Ice Cream in the Snow by Diana Castileja.

Then next is Murder by the Glass by Michele Scott, and then Seven Ways to Lose Your Lover by Alesia Holliday. :)

I love being a book reviewer for Romance Divas!