Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Get your ears on

... because I've got a lot to say.

First and foremost, Happy Halloween! Or Happy Samhain! Or Happy Tuesday! Whichever you prefer.


Second, Cobblestone Press is having a Halloween party tonight, celebrating the release of the final Octoberfest books. There'll be games and contests and prizes, so swing by if you're interested. 7pm Central in the chat room.


Third, thank yous.

There are a *lot* of people to thank surrounding Fan Lit.

Thank you to Laura T for holding my hand from very nearly the beginning of the contest and being a fantastic behind-the-scenes support. Not to mention all the entries she read and commented on. Holy smokes!

Thank you to Chris, without whom it would have taken me a lot longer to notice the good news.

Thank you to the Bon Bons, for being wonderfully welcoming and friendly and supportive.

Thank you *thank you* to the authors (Julia Quinn, Teresa Medeiros, Eloisa James, Victoria Alexander, Cathy Maxwell) who gave their time and left such fantastic feedback.

Thank you to Lynne for keeping me up to date and in the know and for being there to lean on.

And thank you to everyone who's said a kind word, offered a congratulations or a wow. The people I've met because of this contest are some of the most talented and creative and generous people I've met.


Fourth! I've been tagged. I will tell you five amazing things about me. One of them is not true. It's up to you to figure out which. ;)

1. My husband flung a dead rabbit at my feet and proposed with the following words: "Look! I brought you dinner! Marry me!"

2. I once danced on the field of as part of the half-time performance at a SuperBowl!

3. I spent many years of my life being very accident prone. Can you imagine fracturing your eyesocket while doing laps in a pool? I did!

4. I won first place in the costume category at a high school rodeo for appearing as a very curvy Lone Ranger!

5. I have a Bacon number of 2 (and a Jackman number of 2) because of Sean Patrick Thomas!

Guess away. :)


Lynne Simpson said...

Wow, Sara! :-)

Let's see...I think I'll guess number one. I totally believe you could've done the other things!

Happy Samhain!

Jacqueline Barbour said...

I'm with Lynne in choosing #1. Because I can't imagine the hopeless romantic who loved my fortune cookie proposal going for a dead rabbit proposal, LOL!

LauraT said...

I'm with lynne and Jacqueline, too~!

# one. if that is true, I am going to be very amused lol.

Thank you right back at you~! That contest was so worth it bc of people like you and all of the behind the scenes support and fun. Also, it was definitely a time and contest to hold the hand of someone who gets it, especially in that brutal top ten... ! Thanks Again!

Chrisjournal said...

Ooooh, I'm going against the trend and guessing #3 -- it doesn't fit together with the others, somehow...

Alice Audrey said...

How do you find your Bacon number?