Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I think I'm going to out myself.

You know, I've been sort of kind of circumspect about myself over at FanLit. I sign my posts with a different name. I think I've slipped up a couple of times in sending email responses to people and left my blog information on, but mostly I don't tell people who I am.

And I've been thinking about why that is and what I'm hiding. And I think I'm going to stop.

There's no reason for me to hide. I read over the rules many many times before I threw my hat into that particular ring. I'm not employed by Avon (no matter how many times I've sent submissions to them) so I'm kosher. So why hide?

I think it's because I felt like other people would think it unfair if someone published, even epublished, were playing along with all the other hopefuls. Obviously, being published guarantees nothing. I went from 100th place in the first round to 2nd in the 2nd round, but second is not first. I didn't win. That honor goes to Lacey. So what do I have to be afraid of?


No more hiding.

The next batch of finalists gets announced tomorrow. We'll see if I make it to the finalists circle again.


lacey kaye said...

HA!!! I found you.

OK, so it loses some of the glory when your post today is about outing yourself. BUT THIS IS SO COOL!

I "met" Loribelle when she was visiting RI last month. (Last month? Recently...) Small world!

Anyway. Whoa. This is sooo cool. Here I am, admiring your writing and all that glam and it turns out you're published! Very cool. Now, I'm a little unsure who I gave my player picks to this morning. It wasn't you, was it? That would be f.r.e.a.k.y.

lacey kaye said...

Let the Freaky commence! I DID pick you! Didn't I? Yes yes yes. Very strange things about, indeed.

Sara Dennis said...

Ha! Small world. It was me, yes. Which, I haven't said enough, was salve to the bruising I'm taking on this chapter.

Thank you thank you.

And hi!