Wednesday, October 04, 2006


It's October! That means that we get to start celebrating Octoberfest, over at Cobblestone Press. No, no, not a lot of beer-drinking, but lots of fantastic books.

The ones I'm most excited about are, predictably, the Vegas Magic series written by Shelli Stevens, Loribelle Hunt and myself. It's a trilogy involving three friends who are all witches and the trouble they get into in a Las Vegas casino on Halloween.

Shelli's book comes out first, this Friday. Lori's is out this week and mine will be out October 20th. Here's hoping that you all enjoy all three. Can't beat the covers.

Need proof? Check them out:

We're also having a contest. You can get all the details on that over on Shelli's site. Good luck!

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CE Murphy said...

Ooh. The covers really are good! Yay! Very nice! Woot woot!