Monday, October 09, 2006

Third time's the charm...

Or something like that.

I have lost my pointy little mind. I have three entries in this week's round of FanLit. I did my best when I wrote only one. This should tell me, I suppose, that the later I come up with an idea, the more dilute it is. Or, maybe it just means I've been obsessing. Again.


I turned in the manuscript Cerridwen Press requested finally. We'll see if it floats. I love that story. I love those characters. It's a contemporary romantic suspense with, of course, a cop hero and a sort of Ugly Ducklingesque heroine. I'm great with characters, if I do say so myself. Plot is my weakness. I tend to get halfway or three-quarters of the way through a book and go "aiieee" and my plot sort of flounders around until I find it again.

Yes, I'm working on it.

I worked on it a lot when I revised this book. I hope it worked.

I have a proposal to send off before a friend kicks me, and then I'm back to work on finishing promised books.


I will soon hit 100 posts on this, my blog. I'm thinking I'll put together a Halloween basket type thing to give away on that post. So stay tuned!


Lynne Simpson said...

Good luck with your Cerridwen submission, Sara! :-)

I'm sitting out FanLit this week, but my husband picked up one of my unused ideas and submitted his first entry. I should be back in the game for Round Five. I have some writing stuff that HAS to be done this week, so it's a good thing I won't be sitting here refreshing my FanLit stats page. :-)

Good luck with your three entries, and feel free to send me invitations. I'm way behind on reading, so I may not get to all the entries in the pool, alas.

Sara Dennis said...

Hey, Lynne! I'm sad that you're not playing this week, but how cool that your husband's joined the insanity--er, fun. :) I look forward to seeing how he does.

Thanks for the good wishes!

Shelli Stevens said...

You're doing great. Have fun with the writing, and good luck with the subs!

lacey kaye said...

Yes, it's Very Cool that you have so many books on the table! I sat out FanLit this week, too. For the same kinds of reasons as Lynne. I HAVE to get back into my WIP. I read over my partial on Sunday and I was like, "This is my book? Do I know these people?" LOL

Jenn on the Island said...

Congrats on all the FanLit success.

How do you get over the plotting?? I just can't seem to finish stories. So many ideas, wonderful beginnings, can't end the damn things to save my life!

Good luck with all the submissions!

Zinnia said...

Cool beans on the Cerridwen interest!

Sara Dennis said...

Jenn, you should really see the size of my idea file on my computer. :)

As far as getting over the plotting, someone recommended this to me once, and it helps:

If you get to a point in your plot where you can't figure out what to do, make a list. List the top three things that could happen, just off the top of your head. And don't write them.

Then think about it and come up with idea #4. That's the interesting one. That's the one that will be different enough to drive you on.

It sounds cheesy, but it's worked for me.

Dayna_Hart said...

glad to see your blog up, sara :)

congrats on the Cerridwen request. I hope you hear good news, soon.

M.E Ellis said...

Good luck with all the irons in your fire!


Alice Audrey said...

Did you say something about a basket? As in, a collection of books? *smiling and batting eyes most fetchingly*