Friday, October 20, 2006

Stacking the Deck is out today!

It's live, it's live!

Stacking the Deck, the third book in the Vegas Magic series, following This Spells Trouble by Shelli Stevens and Gone With The Wolf by Loribelle Hunt is out today at Cobblestone Press!

Attending the Hell's Ball with her friends was just supposed to be about having a good time. Samantha didn't plan on meeting the man of her dreams or to give him a crash course in magic to keep his power under control.

Alec Zimm is a stage name. Doing card tricks pays the bills. He's caught off-guard by his reaction to Samantha and the sudden revelation that the magic he's been performing is real. When a rogue werewolf threatens the Halloween party atmosphere, Alec must learn to trust his teacher and save the woman of his dreams.

Available for purchase here.

And don't forget to check out the contest that I'm holding. It's the post directly below this one!


CataNetwork said...

Speaking of your book... we included it in a piece on Halloween books. Hope you don't mind. *wink*

Sara Dennis said...

Holy cow, with company like that? I don't mind at all! Thank you!

Dayna_Hart said...

wow. the company you're keeping, Sara! Congratulations!

Lyric said...

Wow that's awesome (Catanetwork). I'll have to go find it and check it out.

Shelli Stevens said...

Congratulations on your release, Sara!

M.E Ellis said...

Good luck with this book!