Saturday, October 07, 2006

The (Neurotic) state of the author.

All right. So I have now given up three weeks of my life pretty much entirely to FanLit. And we're gearing up for week four.

Yes, I've submitted a chapter. I've hit that stage after clicking 'confirm submission' where a couple of not-so-stellar scores have come in and I'm staring at the screen thinking 'what have I done?!'

I mentioned before that this is brutal. But it really is. This is the submission/rejection game of publishing on a very condensed scale. It takes a special kind of idiot person to put themselves through this once. Here I go with try number four.

One good thing that it has taught me is that I can still roll with the punches. And that there really are an awful lot of good people out there in writer-land to make up for all the people who aren't so great.

But I can't hover around FanLit forever. I have books to turn in. Back to the grindstone.


Shelli Stevens said...

LOL. At least your having fun and having great success doing it!

lacey kaye said...

Shelli! I was supposed to say hi to you this weekend. I was too awed by your voice...went brain dead...LOL that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

Karen Erickson said...

One of my friends is obssessed with Avon Fanlit too. But I think those who are participating are getting valuable feedback so that's cool.

Plus you've placed twice! Be proud, woman!! :)