Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Belated resolutions.

I'm doing so well with my resolution to post more often, aren't I?


So, I actually will put down some writing/reading resolutions, just to have a record of it. People can keep me honest.

1. Complete short for Harlequin. (Ha, already done.)
2. Finish at least two books. I know which two. They both need to be finished. A lot. Yesterday.
3. Read at least 50 books. (I made it to 49 last year, dangit.)
4. Plot out the YA book(s) that keep haunting me.

Vague and short, but you know, who wants to set themselves up for big failure if they don't make their goals? Not I, said the kitten.

If I manage to accomplish the writing portions listed there, I always have more to replace them with: write a sequel to one of Sienna's books, write the sequels to the dragon book, finish Strike one day...

And on and on. :)

How are your resolutions holding up?

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