Friday, January 18, 2008

Post #200!

Hey look, my 200th post! *blows tootie horns and tosses confetti*

In order to celebrate, I am kicking off a round of freebie posting.

I wrote a novella for Cobblestone Press to be part of their In The Runes series. The rights to the book have since been returned to me, but I still love the story. So I had a friend of mine work up a new cover for me, and I decided that I would share the writing for free.

I did this once before, for Romance Divas' Valentine's Day freebie, and it was a lot of fun. That was a one shot, though. This will be an ongoing thing until I run out of chapters.

Every Friday (assuming I'm home; I do have a vacation coming up) I will post a chapter. Feel free to leave commentary. Feel free to say nothing at all.

I just hope you enjoy it.

Here's the blurb: Nora Whiteside has a restless soul. Despite the job, the comfortable apartment, and weekly Girls Night Out, no place she's been has felt like home.

So when she gets a battered letter from a man claiming to be the father she thought was dead, she's curious. Intrigued. She packs up her cat and heads to Wyoming, to the house on reservation land he claims she's inheriting.

And meets Tucker Greene, the son her father never had. Will they be rivals for his affection or can they learn to work together? Can people from two different worlds find middle ground?

And the link, which will open a new window.


Kate R said...

okay if you PROMISE to do this, I'll show up and pimp and hold a sign and cheer and all the rest.

Sara Dennis said...

I promise!

Chapter 2 goes up first thing tomorrow.

Or tonight, if I stay up late enough.

Which I probably will. :)