Thursday, January 31, 2008

My first Thirteen

Okay, I've seen Thursday Thirteen around for a long time and never tried to do that. It changes today. Ah ha ha. Or something. :)

Thirteen Things I Do Instead of Writing

1. Clean. Particularly the bathroom. The Engineer likes this, but it doesn't put words on the page.
2. Read. I have a TBR Mountain. Reading is never a bad thing. Unless I should be writing.
3. Eat. Can't type with my hands full, right?
4. Organize my BPAL collection. Which means mess it up more, really.
5. Cruise the internet. I will read webpages about just about anything when I'm procrastinating.
6. Play Solitaire. Solitaire is a conspiracy by programmers everywhere to sap the world of productivity, I swear.
7. Roleplay. Yep, I'm still a gamer girl. I will probably never outgrow this.
8. Torment Adore my cats. Fair's fair.
9. Go virtual shopping. I very often find a site, decide that I must have one of eveything, fill my shopping cart...and leave without buying a thing.
10. Read email. Write email. Wish for more email.
11. IM my friends, my husband, random strangers--okay, I'm not quite that bad.
12. Stare mindlessly into space. I usually come up with an idea or two while I'm doing this, but it's not the height of productivity.
13. Make lists of the things I should be writing. No, really.

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Jennifer McKenzie said...

LOL!!!! I do all of them except number one. I don't clean. I'll write before I'll clean.

Alice Audrey said...

I had no idea you were doing TTs. You should have come by and left a comment on mine. I'd have been sure to loop by.

Sara Dennis said...

I don't clean often, Jen, but I tell you what. When I'm procrastinating, I'll scrub the bathroom floor. ;)

Alice, I *just* started last week. I will make the rounds in the future!

Anonymous said...

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