Monday, March 19, 2007


We all have our issues. The issue of racism is mine.

And there's another round of conversation going around the 'net about racism in publishing (which inevitably turns into racism in general).

As much as it fascinates and thrills me to see people talking about it, it frustrates and saddens me too, because I like to convince myself that people are more open-minded than they prove themselves to be. However, it's important stuff and that's why I keep bringing it up.

So, for those interested or wishing to peek at what's being said this time:

Karen Scott is posting the results of her Racism in publishing surveys. There are interesting things being said in the comments over there. There are clashes and conflicts too, but as stated above, that seems to go with the territory.

Kate Rothwell also broached the topic on her blog this weekend and got an interesting dialogue going. Not the same old argument that goes around and around.

Dear Author touched on the topic again with some angry results but also some decent conversation as well.

And Monica Jackson has commentary on her blog as well.

If I've missed someone that you know about, feel free to share a link and I'll add it here.

As for me, I'm curious about those of you who pass by my piece of internet real estate, as I don't think I've seen any of my "regulars" participating, at least.

Do you read African-American romance novels? Are you aware that they exist? If you don't, do you have a conscious reason for it? If you don't read them, but you're willing or uncertain, what would it take for you to pick an AA romance novel up?

Do your local bookstores have African-American sections? Do you know or notice whether AA romance novels are shelved with other romances or whether they're relegated to the AA section?

What about Latina romance or Latina lit? Do you see it, know what it is, have any idea where it might be shelved in your store? Would you read it?


Ericka Scott said...

I'll read anything (including the backs of cereal boxes). . . I currently read Michelle Martinez's mystery series (hispanic) and Marissa Monteilh (The Chocolate Ship) is one of our local authors and I just love all of her books.

I will admit that there are times when different aspects of AA life or hispanic heritage is referenced that I just don't "get", but it doesn't impact my enjoyment of the book.

Teddy Pig said...

Hey Sara,

I finally got over here and wanted to say hello.

I am going to go pick up Fortunes Fool now I love your comments and your style so I am sure your writing is fierce.

Take care

Teddy Pig said...

Oh if you are ever in SF drop a comment and I would love to meet up.

Tessa Dare said...

I haven't read the AA or Latina romances, but it's not a purposeful slight. I just don't read many contemps in general. I do read non-romance fiction by AA and Latino authors. I'd like to see more cross-cultural relationships in romance novels. As someone who's in an interracial marriage, I can attest that negotiating romance across a cultural divide is a natural source of both drama and comedy!

Sara Dennis said...

Ericka, thanks for chiming in! I'll have to check those two authors out. Never heard of either.

Hey Teddy! Thanks for swinging by! Hope you enjoy Fortune's Fool!

I realized after the fact that I have lots of friends who read and write primarily historicals, Tessa. Interesting. And yeah, I'd love to see more cross-cultural/interracial books.

FerfeLaBat said...

I am a die-hard L.A. Banks fan. Toni Morrison (not romance obviously). And a few others. Ditto what Teddy Pig said. You are a class act which is why I linked you on my main blog - so I can find you again when I need to see what normal people are blogging about.

M.E Ellis said...

I'll read anything. Sad that people even care what colour the people in the books are.

Begs the question, do people actually not watch movies if a black person is in it? Do people like that actually exist? If they do, then the world is truly fucked, and no, I won't pardon my French.


Madison said...

I don't read it I guess b/c it's in a different section than say HQ or Pocket Books and I just never wander over there. I should and I keep saying I will, but truth be told, I never see those books advertised or recommended. If I knew what to buy, I would. If I had recommendations, I'd appreciate it. If I saw reviews of them, I'd those as well. To me it's all about the story. Not the color of your skin. I've read plenty of books with latin heros and heroines, Indian, Asian, and one or two AA. But I don't like how they're segregated at the store. :(