Wednesday, March 07, 2007


As I posted over on The Novelty Girls today, I think it's time to reconsider my webpage theme. It doesn't really suit what I write, does it? It worked at the time I designed it, but now I'm starting to feel like it doesn't represent me well. Back to the drawing board, I suppose.

I'd like something flashier, but I've also reached the point where I just don't feel like doing my own page anymore. It takes so long to get a look I like, and that's time that could and should be spent doing other things. Writing. Reading. Cleaning the house. (Ah, yes, anything to avoid doing what we should.)

In other news, I keep buying books and adding them to my TBR. This thing, if it fell over, would crush manlier men than I. By which I mean, it's huge and imposing and buying books is really a sickness.


Ann(ie) said...

Ha! Tell me about it.

The bookstack on my bedside table is three feet high, no joke.

Alice Audrey said...

I whittled my TBR down from a little over 300 to 75 in the last couple of years. How big is yours?


Pam Skochinski said...

Yep. . . praying for no tremors, my TBR pile would be lethal!

Sara Dennis said...

I don't dare keep my TBR stack where my husband can see it daily, Annie. He'd have kittens. :)

Alice, I'm sort of afraid to count. I'm sure there's 200 books in the pile st least.

Pam, no tremors would be good!