Friday, March 16, 2007

Round 'em up!

Finally Friday! Woohoo!

On the off-chance that there's someone who hasn't seen this half a dozen times: Samhain Publishing is now an RWA-recognized epublisher. They follow hard on the heels of Loose Id. That makes four epublishers now. Go little guys!

You can now find Fortune's Fool on Fictionwise and Mobipocket, if you're curious or haven't gotten copies yet. It's on sale for 15% off at Fictionwise right now. Yay!

And that's about all the exciting news I have for the day. If you've got news to share, feel free. I like cheering folks on. :)


Ericka Scott said...

Okay, I'll bite!

I just sold two novellas to two seperate e-publishers. Crystal Clear will be coming soon to Cobblestone Press. The Werewolf Whisperer will be coming soon to StarDust Press~

There's my good news. . .I'm ready to pop a cork for anyone else too!

Lenora Bell said...

I'm glad RWA is recognizing epublishers.

Congrats, Ericka!

Sara Dennis said...

YAYAYAYAY again, Ericka. I'm so thrilled for you!