Saturday, March 24, 2007

Busy busy busy

Apologies for going silent after stirring the pot on my own blog. Thank you thank you to those of you who chimed in. I truly do appreciate it.

Been writing (finally!) and being social with my chapter (always a good thing), so I haven't been thinking about the blog much lately.

Today, we're taking one of the horses to a new facility to get her trained, so that will be exciting. I also have a chapter meeting to head up, with a visiting agent from New York.

We got to talking about the agent-author relationship yesterday, by the way. And it was mentioned that this agent does not take her clients to lunch or dinner when they meet. They take her, because she is an employee of the author's not the other way around. Disappointing, perhaps, for those of us who want an agent to pick up the tab, but an interesting perspective from the other side on the business relationship, don't you think?


Catie said...

Either side can write it off. :)


Alice Audrey said...

Actually, considering it's more of a partnership, they should go Dutch.


Ann(ie) said...

I don't want to have lunch with an agent until after she signs me. I tend to drop stuff on my bosom when I eat.

Loribelle Hunt said...

I think I like the Dutch idea best. Any agent who signs me anytime in the near future is going to be much more flush than I am so paying for lunch for both may be out of my price range lol!

Sara Dennis said...

Good point, Catie.

And Alice! :)

Annie, I have that problem too. At least there's a shelf before it hits your lap, right?

Maybe it'll be a new trend, Lori, the going Dutch thing. Though, does that sound too much like dating? Donno!

Ericka Scott said...

That is an interesting perspective --- guess I'd never even dreamed about dinner/lunch with an agent. . . would not have had a clue who was going to pay.
Visual: uncomfortable silence as author and agent size each other up, each unwilling to put out their hand for that bill!