Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Seasons of Change!

First things first: I'm over at The Novelty Girls again, talking about cover models and what sort appeals. Swing by if you get the urge.

Which inspired me to go looking for the covers for the series four of us (Novelty Girls, that is) are doing for Cobblestone Press.

The series is called Seasons of Change, and it's centered around the Still Waters resort and the Lassiter family. They're all wereleopards and the resort is a shapeshifter's haven. There'll be one book a season out with this series, and if you haven't picked them up yet, well, what are you waiting for?

Shelli kicked the series off with the spring book, Dating Season. Jada is the only girl of the family and has to deal with three somewhat overprotective brothers. And I'm just going to show off covers, because I think they're cool.

Lori will be next, on June 1st, with the summer book, Hurricane Season. Quinn is the eldest son and sort of the black sheep, as he's left the resort and headed for Florida for a while.

Crystal Jordan has the fall book, Open Season, and no cover yet, but I'm sure it'll be awesome. Aidan's the second Lassiter son

And I have winter, Out of Season, also no cover yet. My hero's Cole, the head of security for the resort and the baby of the family.

They should be a lot of fun, though. If you liked the Vegas Magic series, you'll really like these books, I think. They don't take place on the same night, but you'll get to know the Lassiters.


Alice Audrey said...

Those are nice covers, but I think I like Stacking the Deck better.


Ericka Scott said...

I like the covers, but must agree that Stacking the Deck was awesome!

Shelli Stevens said...

I love the covers. I think this series is going to do very well. Thanks for posting about it!