Thursday, December 07, 2006

Promo of a different sort

No review today, because I'm giving you different links.

Occasionally, I google myself. It's an ego-stroking sort of thing, but a girl likes to know who's talking about her. After the Fan Lit announcement, my hits increased dramatically. Why? Because of all the press releases that got sent out. They're everywhere! Probably in places where no one really cares, but there they are, proclaiming the news.

So I googled myself yesterday, and in the middle of the press releases, I found this.

Variety! They mentioned me in Variety. Now, y'all might not know much about Variety, but it's a big entertainment magazine/newspaper. It's a trade mag, if you will. And there I am. Okay, so the details are wrong. My name's right, and that's what counts.

Then, this morning, I got notice that I was being featured on the Arts and Literature page at Next Cat, which is sort of like MySpace, without the seizure-inducing blinkies. (I apologize to those of you who like MySpace. I tried. I can't make it work and I get a headache being blinked at every time I try. Not for me.) How cool is that?

Speaking of cool, Ms. Laura T is going to be on Rachel Ray this afternoon. I'm going to try to remember to watch. You should too!


Anonymous said...


Hooray for Laura T!

What an amazing woman -- and family!

Alice Audrey said...

Sara, did they tell you what to do, or are you supposed to tell them? Did Fox expect something with an historical setting, or could it be anything?

Personally, I'm glad it was you and not me.


Sara Dennis said...

I'm supposed to come up with ideas for them. And, honestly, I -have- ideas. I'm just waiting for the whens and hows to present them.

Anonymous said...

I know, I too am very glad it was someone else. I have ideas and they are dreck, dreck, dreck, brilliant, so-so, crap, dreck (you get the picture) and I'd be so tongue-tied that it would all sound like drivel!

Congrats again Sara, do us proud!

LauraT said...

Sara !

I am so excited about the googling thing... I did Laura Troutman, and my old website (now dead) comes up first, but then an article about the show second! yay!

Anyway, I am so excited about this Fox Deal & how exciting about all of the things that pop up... I hope the whens and the hows come up soon. I want to watch your TV show. :O). I am so serious about that, too.

Thanks for the shout out~!

CE Murphy said...

You are so goddamned cool. :)

Loribelle Hunt said...

That's so cool Sara!