Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Fun!

It's Friday, it's a week day and it's ... grey and rainy, but hey, two out of three ain't bad.

Nothing exciting to talk about, still. It is hurry up and wait season everywhere, so all the stuff that's out now may not get an answer until after the new year. I'm hopeful for sooner, but, I will not hold my breath. I like blue, but it's not a good color on my skin.

I think that I'll probably go ahead and write up the leavebehinds for my tv ideas anyway. That way, when that next phone call comes, I'll be ready to fax or email them off and won't have to scramble to get it done. I have far too much other stuff to do to have to scramble for anything. I know better. Doesn't keep me out of trouble, but I do know better.

Tomorrow marks the big launch for the Sweeter Romantic Notions authors' blog. This is a spot where those of us who don't write "hot" are hanging out. Stop by, say hi, see what we have to give you. I know there are going to be a lot of prizes, so check it out.

The promo for the day is for a book I rarely talk about. Eye of the Beholder was my contribution to the Freya's Bower line of Bites, two paired short stories. They're futuristics with a teeny bit of spice. Very short. The book's just about 8K in total, so they're quick reads.

Regina at Coffee Time Reviews gave me 4 Cups and said: "Both these stories have edge of your seat action! The author does an excellent job of giving you veiled clues that lead up to the finales where two people discover they are meant for each other. The characters are believable and the world building realistic. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys futuristic love stories."



Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to find you over at the other blog -- I love prizes!

Haven't had a chance to read Stacking the Deck, Vegas Magic yet, although it now resides on my hard drive -- I love the cover art! Cobblestone does a great job --

I hate the hurry up and wait game. I've only got one romantic fiction out and am hoping to hear by Christmas (ha!), but I keep thinking Santa might be kind this year! A contract would make a heck of a Christmas gift for me!

Sara Dennis said...

Pam, that cover is my favorite of all the covers I've gotten so far. All of the covers for that series were fantastic.

We're doing another series called Seasons of Change and if they all live up to the first one, over on Shelli Stevens' blog, I'm going to be thrilled there, too.

I hope Santa is very kind!

Alice Audrey said...

Sara, what's a "leavebehind"? Is that an outline, first scene, or something else?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sara! Congrats on the great review. ;)

And yeah, feelin' ya on that hurry up and wait business.

Sara Dennis said...

A leavebehind is like a synopsis for a television show (or, heck, a movie). It introduces the basic idea of the show, the characters, and talks a bit about the story arc, plot, etc. It's a five-ish page document. Easy, peasy.

Except not. :)

Alice Audrey said...

Sounds like a synopsis. Easy. Not!