Monday, December 11, 2006

It's a Monday

It's definitely a Monday.

#1. If one characterizes chain bookstores as the "Villain", one should expect that people might object or question the wording. That's an emotionally charged word. It's aggressive. And whatever one meant by that particular term really won't matter much. If people misread it, the fault is most likely not in the readers, since the majority of people appear to have taken what was written "the wrong way".

Corollary: I came across the author-in-question's book at a chain bookstore last night. It sounds, by all accounts, like it would be a book I'd like. Given said author's opinion, however, and less than tactful way of dealing with people who don't immediately agree with her, I just couldn't bring myself to pick up the book. Oops.

#2. Ebooks cannot be sold as "used".

#3. Hey look, another review. :) This one covers the entire Vegas Magic series, really, but the book in question is mine. Jennifer at Kwips and ritiques gave Stacking the Deck 5 Klovers and said: "While the books do ask that the reader suspend disbelief a bit, as each of the friends finds true love on the same night and in the same place, the effect of the three perspectives is undeniably fun!"

That's enough for one day, don't you think?


Nonny said...

Said author and I have... an unpleasant history. This person has historically been aggressive towards people who disagree. For instance, said author banned a member of the web forum zhe administrated for posting a bad review on Amazon. The member never wrote it; the true writer sent an email explaining the situation. The author refused to believe it, continued to flame the member on the forums, and "banned" Amazon from the author portion of the website.

That was almost five years ago, and would be the tip of the iceberg. This sort of behavior is not uncommon for this author, and I refuse to buy the books from a new bookstore cuz of it.

Re: #2 -- WORD.

Congrats on the review. :)

Shelli Stevens said...

That was a great review! I was buzzing on that one for a bit :D

Lynne Simpson said...

I must be losing my touch. Either that, or I've been busy. :-) It took me until today to figure out which author you were talking about. I haven't been searching all week or anything like that, but usually I'm plugged in on this kind of thing way earlier!