Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Forward motion!

I heard back from my Fox contact, which surprised me given how close it is to the holidays, but hey, I'm grateful for any crumbs I get, so I happy danced a while.

I'd turned in some very sketchy ideas and he came back and told me the sorts of things they were looking for. Also that one of my ideas seemed to fit the bill nicely, so I'll run with that one for a while. If that doesn't work, well, it's on to the next, but at least I have more of an idea of what I'm aiming for.

Sent off the contract for the Cerridwen book. Yay! Need to write the synopsis for another project so I can get that turned in at the end of the week. Busy busy.

And, it seems that I may not get to spend a quiet Christmas at home after all. The Engineer's family has requested our presence. Anyone down in the southern California area want to try to meet up for a save-me-from-my-inlaws meal? ;) More about it over at The Novelty Girls today.


Anonymous said...

I tried to comment on the other blog, but I don't think it went through. Anyway, I would love to get together here in SoCal if your schedule permits - just email me. We can share in-law stories!

Anonymous said...

I, alas, will be out of town visiting my parents in Illinois, or I'd love to get together. Maybe next time. . . or if I ever get the opportunity to travel North!

Alice Audrey said...

Sounds like you are trucking along.


Anonymous said...

Congrats, you sound like you're doing great!

Anonymous said...

Ooh - congrats on hearing back so soon on the "deal" - good luck!

M.E Ellis said...

Gawd, try and enjoy the season, Sara!

Merry Christmas, luvvie!