Thursday, July 19, 2007

The glossary expands

So we have bloffle, which I've defined as a kerfluffle on blogs, particularly in Romancelandia, but really, it can apply to any group involved in an online scrap.

We have opinionating, which, yes, probably needs more definition.

Now the lovely and talented Kate Rothwell has called for a new word to replace the old "buzz". You know, the chatter and word of mouth hype for an author, book, event, whathaveyou.

I suggested N'type. Something like N'Sync, N'type would be pronounced Neh-type, to catch the concept of the net, typing, and hype, all in one word. It's cute, I think, but perhaps too odd or not quite catchy enough.

So I've come up with other options:

1. Nuzz: Let's just change the first letter. It's a buzz on the net! It's a nuzz! Easier to say and probably remember than N'type, but also close to a nuzzle. Do we want to be nuzzling authors and books?

2. Nooz: A play on news. Still using the letter n to incorporate the net. This is even cuter than nuzz, and as writers, can we stand deliberately mispelling a word?

3. Hotflash: This is currently my favorite. Television and the radio use breaking newsflashes, right? Romancelandia is a community comprised primarily (had to get that word in there) women, right? So we all know what a hotflash is, and it might be amusing to co-opt the word for ourselves. Got a new book coming out? Send out a hot newsflash: hotflash!

Since I'm having fun, other people should have fun too. I'm going to turn this into a contest.

Post your vote for your favorite between now and noon PST, Monday July 23rd, and I'll enter you into a drawing for a $25 (electronic) gift certificate from Barnes and Noble.

Your choices are:

a) N'type
b) Nuzz
c) Nooz
d) Hotflash

Or, you know, suggest a word of your own. And have fun!


Karen said...

I vote for "nooz"!

~ Karen

Cynthia Falcon said...

I like nooz too! you could add noob too (Short for newbie).

BTW: It was gret to have met you at conference.

Cynthia Falcon said...

great, not great! Stoopid nails :)

carrie_lofty said...

Yes, nooz. Catchy and easier to say.

Tessa Dare said...

Another vote for nooz!

And I'm doing my part to spread use of the word 'bloffle.' We'll get you in the OED yet.

Lynne Simpson said...

LOL, Sara! I'm leaning toward nooz due to its similarity to one of my favorites, n00b. But I'm also quite partial to nuzz and hotflash.

I didn't realize our goal was the OED for bloffle, but hey, I'm all for it! OED or bust!

Mary Danielson said...

One more vote for nooz! I love it.

Amy S. said...

I vote for Nooz! All the words were great and would work.

Amy S. said...

How about Bextra- for book and extra, like in the news they use extra, extra read all about it. We could have book extras.

ERiCA said...

You crack me up! =)

Tianna Xander said...

I like Nooz too. But, as a suggestion (just to be goofy), what about rumozoom? It's a cross between rumor and zoom. "Rumozoom -How news travels fast..." LOL