Tuesday, July 31, 2007

NaNoReaMo 2007

First things first: Thanks to everyone who offered up opinions about the heat level issue. Time to talk to the publisher. :)

Those who've been by before may recall that I mentioned trying to put together National Novel Reading Month. Well, August 1st is tomorrow, and we're going ahead with the idea.

We're hosting the discussion community on Livejournal, so if you've got an account and want to, feel free to join in. I think I left it so you can also post anonymously if you like, so if you don't have an account ... feel free to join in. :)

NaNoReaMo 2007


Kate R said...

you keep vanishing. AND I think you're not paying attention to your blog or you'd have something to say to Chris, above.

But I have another word for you at my blog.

Ann Aguirre said...

This sounds like fun. I'll check it out.

Sara Dennis said...

I do, Kate, it's terrible. I get distracted and just. It's terrible.

I'll go check out your latest word.

Hi Ann! Great! Hope to see you over there.