Monday, July 23, 2007

And the gift certificate goes to...

Mary Danielson, come on down! Or rather, email me and let me know where to send your prize.

As for the oh-so-scientific survey about what word we should use to replace buzz? *drumroll* Nooz is the popular winner!

So, whenever you're announcing books, sales, agents, etc on the net, let it henceforth be decreed that you are not creating buzz, but nooz!

I spent a fantastic weekend playing with the horses. Saturday, the Engineer and I went for our usual lesson. Which was not fabulous, but no one died. Yesterday, we went out to a lake with our trainer and her family. We took the horses, we took a boat, and we divided the day between an awesome trail ride and being dragged around behind the boat on inner tubes. Great fun was had by all.

And now it's back to the business of the workaday week, but that's all good. Sometimes you have to recover from fun in excess. :)

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Kate R said...

I like nooz too. If I'd voted it would have been my vote. For once my candidate wins. (sigh)