Monday, June 18, 2007


I made up a new word: bloffle. This refers to kerfluffles of various sizes occuring in blogs across the net.

And, unfortunately, we romance writers seem to excel at stirring them up. Whether it's an author lashing out at a reviewer, her fans or her publishers, it seems like there's always something going on.

Publishers don't escape the rumor mill or the social commentary. If an author is fortunate enough to avoid being targeted, sometimes her book isn't so lucky.

If you speak your mind, your appearance in an argument will always be suspect. If you want to stay anonymous, your comments will be discounted. Around and around we go.

What I really want to know is, does this affect you personally? If an author/publisher/blogger you like takes a stance in an argument that you don't support, does that change your mind about them? Will it keep you from buying the next book? Entering the next contest?

Or do you let it roll off your back?


Lynne Simpson said...

I like it! 'Tis the season, you know. Every summer there's a fresh crop of bloffles, and this one is looking to be no different.

If an author or publisher behaves like a bully or a complete a**hole, then they go on my permanent Do Not Buy list. It takes more than a simple difference of opinion for me to boycott someone.

Tessa Dare said...

I love following the bloffle (great word, BTW!), but I must admit I avoid getting involved in heated debates. Not out of playing it safe, really - it's just not my style.

I do think it's pretty unprofessional and imprudent for a writer to respond publicly to reviews - at all. Positive, negative, whathaveyou.

Catie said...

"Boffle" is a fantastic word. :)

I think it's wise to keep your mouth shut on boffle topics, whatever they are, because the odds of being misconstrued, misunderstood, misquoted, mis-etc are far higher than the odds of getting your point across. And if the topic is reviews, particularly negative ones, I generally agree with Tessa. It's not good form to go around arguing with them.

Maggie Robinson said...

Yeah, after googling myself, I know every stupid thing I've ever said is still floating around long after the bloffle has become a blipple, one's angry words will still be there. I'm not a complete pacifist but generally can't get worked up over too much except abuse of children. Romance novels are nowhere at that level for me.

But ask me again if I'm ever lucky enough to get a crappy review!

Sara Dennis said...

Lynne, I like that. Bloffle season. I'll have to see if the sort of bloffle changes by real season. And I agree with you, I try to save boycotts for really large things.

Tessa, do you think it's imprudent to mention that you got a bad or good review? Not to question them or comment on them, but just report them?

Catie, you know me. I try to keep my mouth shut. Most of the time, right? Right? :)

I will ask you again, Maggie! I was going to say I hope you are that lucky, but, er. That doesn't come across the way I meant it to. How about lucky enough to get lots of great reviews?

Ericka Scott said...

I like Bloffles. They are like train wrecks. You just can't look away. That being said. .. I stand way clear of the debris.

As for reviews. . . I'll report that I get them. . . but I don't think I'd ever argue about a negative review. It's just an opinion of one reader. . .

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