Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mid-week Wednesday

As if there'd be a Wednesday anywhere else. Hee.

The bloffle continues around the net, and probably will for a while. Settle in, it's going to be a long summer.

So I think I'll mention some good things.

Samhain Publishing is looking for submissions to its On The Prowl anthology. I know Maggie's written a story for it. Who's going to join her? Anyone? Anyone?

Skyla Dawn Cameron has a great project in the works, called Nothing But Red that you should all check out.

And last but not least, my ice skates have arrived and now I can finally get out of cheapo rental skates for my lessons. Woohoo!


Maggie Robinson said...

You've let the cat out of the bag now, Sara. It was lots of fun to write, too, but since I know NOTHING about the genre, I'm not getting my hopes up (except I have a perfect set-up for 2 more...a trilogy! Maybe).

Sara Dennis said...

Cat out of the bag. Oww, Maggie. Just, ow. :) Trilogies are good, though. I love shapeshifter books and have thought about trying to write something for this myself. We'll see.

Lynne Simpson said...

Good luck, Maggie!

How are the lessons going, Sara? I think it's fabulous that you're skating.

Teddy Pig said...


You rock at everything.

I will look forward to that were romance.

Lenora Bell said...

Are you referring to a specific bloffle? I'm so out of it. But that's a great new word.

Thanks for the anthology tip. If Maggie's in then it's got to be good.

Have fun with your skates!

Ciar Cullen said...

You are tagged, my dear. Don't blame me, someone else started it! See my blog.

Shelli Stevens said...

I like the new site, Sara! Congrast. Hope all is going well with you.