Friday, June 08, 2007

The change has come!

As stated, I've been making changes, and today is the big day. As you can tell, if you've been to the blog before, this is not the usual look. I have a new title, I have a new color scheme and ...


I have a new website!

This new look more accurately reflects what I write, and gets me away from peppy, cheery blue and yellow. Don't get me wrong. I like peppy blue and yellow, but my writing's not quite that upbeat and cheerful and curlicued.

So, a new look.

The look of the blog is new, but temporary. I'm hoping against all hope to get Wordpress installed on the site sometime soon. When that's done, we'll just move over there.

But the first stage is complete. What do you think?


Ann Aguirre said...

I love the new wesbite. This template would blend nicely with your site for now and should install very easily.

Lynne Simpson said...

I love the new site! The header graphic looks great -- very mysterious -- and the color scheme is easy on the eyes.

Sara Dennis said...

That's a good one, Ann. I'll think on it.

Thanks, Lynne!

Lenora Bell said...

Your new site is gorgeous. I love the sun filtering through the trees. What a great image. Good luck making your blog do what you want it to do. Mine has a bad temper.

Ericka Scott said...

I love the new website! It fits exactly!