Friday, August 11, 2006

Fear of success

Someone, somewhere recently mentioned fear of success and how sometimes we sabotage ourselves in taking the next big step.

I'm living in more than a little fear that I'm doing that to myself at the moment. I am in the process of giving myself an ulcer and probably driving everyone else around me nuts. The sad part is that I can't help it. I've got feelers out all over the place and I'm waiting for answers, but so far I haven't gotten any. So I stress this out alone.

And yes, realistically, I'm sure it'll all be fine and everything will work out for the best and one day I'll come back to my little stress fit and laugh about it. But for now, it's really not funny.

In brighter news, Cobblestone Press is chatting over at Evolution Writers this weekend. Come check us out.


Jennah said...

Sara, yes, it will get better. Remember the saying "this too shall pass." Congratulations on your books. I just love the cover for Stacking the Deck. And huge congrats on your alter-ego's EC contract. I bow to you!

M.E Ellis said...

Aww, hate to think of you pacing about and worrying.

Take care.


Jen said...

You know me. "Oh my God! I'm never going to be published! I suck! Everybody hates my writing!"
followed by "OMG, she's reading it. It's not finished. What if she asks me for a full?" topped off with, "OMG, they're publishing it. They don't know what they're doing! No one will buy it!"
I don't think it matters. I can find a reason to be crazy.

Shelli Stevens said...

I totally suffer from that. *Sigh* But you just had a big success, missy. Selling to EC.

Jodie said...

Stress is something i think women do best. LOL

I hope you find your feet and worry no more! :)