Saturday, August 05, 2006

Communication issues

There have been any number of communication issues of late, and they all make me shake my head and want to stay in hiding until things straighten out.

If you're a fan/believer/follower of the metaphysical, you might know that Mercury has been in retrograde. Mercury, known to the Greeks as Hermes, was the messenger of the god. His planet, therefore, is believed to control communications of all sorts. Been having more fights than usual with friends and family? Cellphone on the fritz? Emails bouncing or being misunderstood? Blame Mercury.

When it's in retrograde, meaning traveling backward in its orbit, communications tend to break down. While that isn't an excuse not to try to be clear, it is something to look out for. It happens three times I year, I think. Once nowish, once in November, maybe once in March.

Fortunately for us, Mercury's scheduled to start moving forward again tomorrow. It's about time.

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Shelli Stevens said...

OMG I'm so confused!