Tuesday, March 28, 2006


That's where I was over the weekend, anyway. At my local RWA chapter's biannual writing retreat. There is no internet access up in the mountains where we go, so it's good for just hanging out with other writing pals, being incredibly silly, and learning a thing or two about writing.

As in 2004, we had Victoria Alexander and Linda Needham. I tell you what, those two are a hoot and a half. Maybe three hoots, all put together. Not to mention that they are awesome women and I'm glad to know them and to get to spend time with them now and then.

This retreat was all about beginnings and endings. We laughed a lot. We ate a lot. Not so much sleeping, but that's to be expected.

What's most important is that it gets me recharged and ready to tackle writing again. I have a few projects in the works at the moment. I have my fingers and toes all crossed and will soon have to resort to typing with my nose. There's a mental image, eh?

I'm sorry I missed Cobblestone's chat, but I'm sure I'll be there for the next! I'm looking forward to it, actually.

... and feeling vaguely guilty that there's no real content in this post, but I suppose we all have our off days.

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Shelli Stevens said...

I'm the queen of no content in my posts. But you seemed to have plenty, so don't sweat it! I love my local RWA and am glad to hear you get a lot out of yours.