Thursday, March 09, 2006

Birthdays.. it's been a good week.

The week started off well. Unsurprisingly when you get a yes on a publishing opportunity, wouldn't you say?

Then celebrated my birthday, yesterday. I will be a lady and not disclose how old I am. All right, half a lady. Older than 30, less than 40. My mother and partner told me that I was not allowed to cry until I hit the big 4-0 so I guess I've been told.

I'm looking at the other books I have under my belt and deciding whether they're good enough to see the light of day and where and when I might submit them. Unfortunately, they don't all suit Cobblestone Press, but some of them might, so we'll just have to see.

Waiting for my cover from Cobblestone, speaking of, and I'm waiting on the very tips of my toes. The covers, thus far, have been incredible, I think, so I'm sure that mine will be as fantastic. Waiting's the hard part.

I should put a blurb up in our communal blog, but I'm half-holding back until I have cover art. Perhaps I shouldn't. I don't know. Decisions, decisions!


Shelli Stevens said...

Sara put it up and join the Divas! it's a free forum! Now do you have an 'h' at the end of your name or not? Happy Birthday by the way! I saw you're a March bday too. I'm in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to see your cover too!

Sara Dennis said...

Okay, okay, going to check it out. :)

As for the H. Yes, for governmental purposes. No, for purposes of my book.

Loribelle Hunt said...

Go post on the blog Sara! :) I'll try to get to it this weekend. I've been having the other book debate with myself too. I say we all go for it lol. ;)

And happy birthday! Mine is in a couple of weeks. :gulp: I didn't really feel old until my oldest daughter got her first pimple this week. :P