Monday, March 20, 2006

The edits are done!

Yes, it's true, I got to see those magic words on an email tonight: Final Draft.

Woohoo! Pour the Drambuie and break off a hunk of chocolate. It's party time!

Well, no. Party time was selling. Having the edits done means putting real effort into the other projects I've been picking at. Authors do not build careers with one book, after all. Fortunately, I have a few others in the wings, but I have many more ideas, so it's time to get back to putting them on the page.

Something I stumbled over while poking around the net last night: Kinley MacGregor has a new book coming out. (She's a fantasy author, for the curious.) On the cover pic, on Amazon, there's a blurb from Sherrilyn Kenyon that reads, "Kinley MacGregor writes fantasy the way I would."

I cracked up.

Why? Kinley MacGregor is Sherrilyn Kenyon. This is no great secret. She even outs herself on her blog. There has been some debate on the internet about whether this is a clever marketing scheme or a tacky ploy to get more readers. Me, I think it's funny and clever and if it works to sell her books, more power to her.

Apparently there's an interview somewhere where Sherrilyn interviews Kinley, too. I can't stop laughing.


Loribelle Hunt said...

Lol, she cracks me up, Sara! I think it's pretty good marketing on her part, and cute too. Go for it, right? All her fans know she's both.

That's awesome about the edits! I can't wait to finish mine! Decide what you're working on next?

Sara Dennis said...

Yes'm! I'm currently working on a werewolf book (part of the reason why I'm so excited to see yours, as I love the furry beasts). I have a BFF (big fat fantasy) novel cooking too.

And a piece that might work, expanded, for a Brazen.

Shelli Stevens said...

That's funny. I didn't know that, but I'm not a big fantasy reader. Lol. Congrats on your final edits! Isn't it a great feeling?! I forgot to save mine. DER!

Loribelle Hunt said...

Woohoo for BFF's lol! I have a sf/f I'm playing with, and the rest of the werewolf books of course lol! Good luck with that! They are sooo yummy, and its a hot market right now. A Brazen huh? I've been cooking an idea for an Outlaw! lol.

Congrats on the final edits!